Development services

We offer development services both in comprehensive and partial consignments. With our one-stop service covering from planning to development and operation, we create high quality games together with the customers.

Game development services

Game planning

We embody the images and worldview of your plot, and materialize it as a detailed plan. Our proposals on visual style and scenario, and development scale provided at the same time will help you have a clear image of the game at a very early stage.

Development and operation

We offer comprehensive service covering from graphic and scenario development, and operation. In addition to our exquisite development capability, we pay strict attention to minute details that are often disregarded in an average development and operation. We are committed to high quality game development tailored to each customer’s request.

Graphic development (2D and 3D)

Drawing upon many years of experience in game development, we at Red Entertainment have a strong network with numerous artists and developers in and out of Japan. Leveraging this connection, we deliver the graphics most consistent with your desired image. Our service is not limited to drawing characters according to the provided information; we also support your process of character creation to increase depth and attractiveness of your characters.

Scenario writing

With our experienced in-house and contracted writers, we offer scenarios of lots of different types of genres covering male-oriented games, those for female, drama CDs, and more. Our comprehensive service includes everything needed for writing a scenario; character creation, plotting, and weaving storyline, thereby delivering a consistent and quality scenario.