Planning / Producing

Creating new contents from scratch, and evolving them dramatically.
We offer comprehensive support to help you; from worldview and character setting to producing.


We create a new form of entertainment from scratch.
Red Entertainment builds on its planning capability fostered in the industry for 40 years. Our numerous contents have long attracted people only because we have been making untiring efforts for understanding what the time, people call for in a worldview and characters in each content. Red Entertainment keeps delivering new forms of entertainment to you, not only in a shape of game, but of anime, manga, merchandising, social service, live events, and more.



We give wings to your valuable ideas.
Red Entertainment casts your “dream world” into shape.
Leveraging the network of personal contacts we fostered over the years, we get your works to various media platforms. Production involving your desired artists can be hard without personnel connection. Our experienced producers accommodate partnering with them on behalf of you, in addition to collaborating with enterprises.
Should you need any help in developing the content you already have, count on us. We are here to produce it and make it even more attractive.