Which Witch?

Sacred savagery and evil innocence.
This is a story of witches we'd never heard of.

Strange clairvoyant power that was invoked at the place of assignment―
A rumor about the disappearance of former teacher―
A mysterious beauty with a sword in her hand―
What is the secret hidden in this lonely remote town?

Surrounded by towering mountains and the woods of white birch, the story sets in Saint Allect, a town that has European medieval townscapes.
A high-school teacher Chitose Fujinagi moved to a girls’ school named “Celestial School” in this town from a school in Tokyo.
On his first day of work, Chitose suddenly feels an unusual pain in his eyes as he gets on a platform

― “Nibi-san! Whhhhhat! My, my clothes─!”

Immediately after he got dizzy, one of the school girls ran up to him, in underwear!
Being confused, Chitose then came to know that those girls had mysterious, cursed marks on their bodies.
What do these marks mean? What is the secret of Saint Allect and what is the destiny awaiting Chitose and his students?

A unique trading card series developed by Red Entertainment and Movic.

Various gimmicks are given to the cards and you can enjoy the entire scenario by combining the cards with special binders.

Characters are designed and drawn by KeG.

It was novelized afterward.


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