Share Love

Share house...it's a communal living with all boys except you!

Takasaki, who is the most mature member of the group, though he is flirtatious and aloof.

Fujino is serious and attentive to details.

Clumsy and expressionless, but kind, Shiba.

Hachisuka, the youngest and in charge of cooking with a tsundere personality.


They are like friends, like family, and like lovers, laughing and worrying together under one roof, from good morning to good night.


Who would you like to be healed?


In the first volume, you come home late, and the four of them think of you in their own ways.


In the second volume, the residents of the share house are invited to the wedding of a former resident. But only you and one other person can attend ……?


In the third volume, Tomomi, a childhood friend of the main character, makes an appearance. The share house is in danger of being dissolved because of her childhood friend who sees communal living as a problem.


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Share Love(LABEL RED)


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