Love, Love, Love
A 1200 year old love story

A historical love triangle in the court of the Heian Period is made into an audio recording.

Two different types of men confess their feelings for you.
The scenes range from a scene where you are alone with him to a slightly dangerous scene where they meet each other.
After various situations,
Which one will you choose? ……

An aesthetic drama CD depicting deep human feelings

◆Kikka’s love

Yoshikiyo, a low-ranking samurai, and Toba-in, a courtier.
They are two opposites in character and status, and they tell you their feelings for each other, which one will you choose? ……

◆Hydrangea Love

Michisada Tachibana, a serious man of business, and you, an excellent poet, are a perfect couple. Prince Tamesuke, a playful prince, plans to steal you away and cause a stir….

Higanbana Love

There is a rumor going around the court that you are in love with a handsome and promising man, Fujiwara no Norimichi. Fujiwara no Sadayori, who doesn’t like the relationship between the two of you, decides to interfere with it…


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