Saigo no Chushingura

Someone to protect A mission to complete
That was a tough mission: "SURVIVE"
16 years after the glorious raid, this is a story about the men who were not allowed to die─
The famous Chushingura that everyone knew was just halfway through the whole story─

Chushingura is one of the historical dramas that have long attracted the Japanese people with its samurai’s noble and divine spirits under the name of loyalty. Based on this true story, an enormous number of novels, pictures and theatrical production have been created until today. The famous story depicts the raid by 47 Ako ronins led by Kuranosuke Oishi, and reaches its climax with their ritual suicides ─ which however, was not really the end of the story─why? Because, of the ronins, there were two survivors who received an order regarding after the incident.
16 years later, the two men who were not allowed to die with honor run into each other.
Once bound by a firm friendship, one is now living branded as a traitor who ran away for dear life, and another in shame of having failed to become a hero─
With the completion of their mission, the story of Chushingura finally concludes─!

Cast   Magozaemon Seo: Koji Yakusho   Kichiemon Terasaka: Koichi Sato   Kane: Nanami Sakuraba   Kuranosuke Oishi: Nizaemon Kataoka (guest appearance) and others

Staff     Based on a novel “Saigo no Chushingura” by Shoichiro Ikemiya published by Kadokawa Bunko   Screenplay by Yozo Tanaka   Music by Takashi Kako   Directed by Shigemichi Sugita   Produced by Saigo no Chushingura Film Partners Production company: KADOKAWA PICTURES   Distributed by WARNER BROS. PICTURES



  • 2010 84th Kinema Junpo Award -Best New Actress (Nanami Sakuraba)
  • 2010 30th Fujimoto Award -Special Award (Shigemichi Sugita)
  • 2011 53th Blue Ribbon Award -Best New Talent (Nanami Sakuraba)
  • 2011 2nd Nippon Theater Staff Film Festival -Best Actor (Koji Yakusho)
  • 2011 43th Japanese Society Lighting Directors -Awards for Lighting Directors in Film Division Best New Talent (Takaaki Miyanishi)
  • 2012 35th Japan Academy Prize -11 Excellence Awards + Rookie of the Year (Nanami Sakuraba)


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