Seishun Express

Here he comes back to bring back the vitality to the home town!
"Let's play train: Seishun graffiti"
"Seishun Express" ー it is a unique train puzzle game to gather your old buddies and get the goal together.

Even a grown-up who lost playful mind, can remember that pure happiness and fun by playing trains.

This app game is inspired by “play train” that everyone has played as a kid.
The key is to think out the best route for your “train” on the limited grid and involve as many as characters in. Get around obstacles and dilemmas, and make a long long line to reach the goal!

As there is no time restriction, you can think through the maneuver whenever you have some spare time.
Play this train game that relives your childhood and flexes your mental muscles, too. It offers you the time of brain training and relaxation at the same time.

■Features of “Seishun Express”
・A new type of puzzle in which you move your “train” of buddies forward windingly on the complex grid!
・The longer your “train” gets, the faster you get to the goal, but a long “train” itself can get in your railway!
・High-school girl, naughty boy, nurse and more. A wide variety of characters expand the gameplay!

Seishun Express
Price at Appstore: free
* The service terminated in May 2016.


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