Developed by the latest technology, Robopon is a strong partner for mankind.
Meet 150 Robopons, and battle and go on adventures with them to become the greatest Robopon master!

The story takes place in Porombo Island, where people and robots are living in harmony.

One day, the main character Cody inherits an old, almost broken Robopon and near-bankrupt Robopon Dispatching Company from his grandfather.
In order to rebuild the company, Cody sets out on journey with his Robopon.
But unexpectedly, he got involved in battles using and upgrading his own Robopon.

Through adventures, make your Robopon powerful and get the title of the Legend 1, which is the greatest honor in all of Robopon masters.

Invest the money accumulated during the journey in Robopon Dispatching Company inherited from grandfather.
The more you invest, the taller the building gets with a huge number of convenient facilities!

Overall design by Atsushi Shimoda Character design by Kennosuke Mizutani

Starting with the four versions for Game Boy, namely, Sun, Star, Moon and Bom Bom, the Robopon series were expanded to release Robot Ponkottsu: Nanatsu no Umi no Caramel for Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Advance sequel Robopon 2, in addition to some versions sold outside of Japan. Comic book based on the game story was also released.


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