Desperate for the rhythm of sword fight.
"Shinsengumi" appears as a hack and slash action game that you can enjoy a feeling of a master of sword!

Time is the end of shogunate rule.
With the intensifying movements by antiforeigner faction, the security in the city of Kyoto was deteriorating day by day. Against this situation, the Shogunate assigns Katamori Matsudaira, the feudal lord of Aizu region, to guard the city to maintain public order.
Also, a clan of sword training school led by Isami Kondo establishes Shinsengumi, a shogunate police, under the Aizu feudal domain. Invited by Kondo and his friend Toshizo Hijikata, a genius swordsman Soji Okita joins Shinsengumi to slash down the evil masterless samurais who keep offending the laws and order in the guise of antiforeigner faction.

Conflicting with fated rivals such as Kogoro Katsura, Izo Okada, and Ryoma Sakamoto, Okita is face to face with death each day.
And you witness another flash of cold steel in Kyoto tonight…..

Inspired by the famous true story of Shinsengumi, the game also features its greatly talented art staff; Nobuhiro Watsuki, known for “Rurouni Kenshin” and “Buso Renkin,” for its character draft, and Hidenori Matsubara, famous for “Sakura Wars,” “Ah! My goddess” and “Neon Genesis EVANGELION,” for the character design!

With splendid voice actors, the game offers you an entertainment that both men and women can enjoy.


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©SEGA,2005 Character Design:©RED キャラクター原案/和月伸宏 キャラクターデザイン/松原秀典 題字/雨宮慶太


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