Sapporo, Otaru, Furano and Obihiro…
Romantic townscapes, fresh clean air, and rich natural environment. Eight attractive girls you meet during the journey.
This is a love story woven in the northern island Hokkaido, Japan

During the summer vacation, main character, a second-year high-school boy makes a 14-days tour of Hokkaido.
Guided by his cousin Kotori Haruno, he visits real sightseeing destinations in Hokkaido including the cities of Sapporo and Otaru, and meet eight girls there. Through the conversation with each of them about dreams and troubles, he knew that he was falling in love.
Time passed and during the winter vacation. The boy lands on Hokkaido again to tell “her” what is on his mind. Under the boulevard trees decorated with the lights of “White Illumination” event held in Odori Park in the center of Sapporo, the story reaches its impressive climax…

The game beginning with the software titled “Kitae. White Illumination” for Dreamcast is composed of three sequels. Its anime “Kitae.: Diamond Dust Drops” was broadcasted in Japan.

Created and produced by Ouji Hiroi Character design by NOCCHI

By introducing a Communication Break System, you can enjoy various stories with real-time conversation and scenario bifurcation.
The characters drawn in delicate touch, and clear visual scenes that are generated by compositing real landscape photographs are also must-see features of this game.


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Game:ⓒKonami Digital Entertainment ⓒRED
Animation:ⓒ2004 Konami Digital Entertainment/RED/Project DDD


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