In Martial Age (M.A.) 674…
The strongest warrior Lau Wong arrives to defeat the demons!
Fascinating swordplay and magic beyond your expectation! A high-speed hack and slash action now unfolds in front of your eyes!

In the 23rd century, a micro-wave emitting satellite on the moon produced abnormalities and radiated a highly-condensed micro wave to the earth, which annihilated the human civilization.
Those who survived learnt to sublimate the remained natural energy into a discipline of magic and swordplay. This was the end of the age of A.D. and the Martial Age (M.A.) began.
The micro wave from the moon kept threatening the earth. The highly-condensed micro wave then produced a monster called “demon.”
Long time passed since then. In M.A. 674, a powerful master of martial art Lau Wong landed on the earth to defeat the demons.
He is destined to beat all the monsters and kill his former friend who has been possessed by an evil spirit!

 Produced by Taito Corporation

Bujingai was the software for PlayStation2 released on December 25, 2003 as the commemorative game for the 50th anniversary of Taito. It was jointly developed by Taito and Red Entertainment. It featured a Japanese singer and songwriter GACKT who was the model of the protagonist Lau Wong. A manga series based on the game was also serialized in Kodansha’s Magazine Z under the title of “Bujingai: Zan-ou Densetsu.”


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