It was late 19th century― the Age of Adventure following the industrial revolution, people obtained "airships," or wings to soar freely through the skies.

The story sets in the late 19th century or the Age of Adventure, after the industrial revolution.
The “airships” brought by technical innovation were ruling the skies.
People ventured out into the up above with hopes and dreams for their future.
A British legendary adventurer Gilbert Brown one day went missing as he crossed paths with a mysterious organization “Ancient Father’s Cabal.”
Years later, Eddie, Gilbert’s son, boards his father’s airship “the Maverick” in search of his missing father.

The game is set in THIS world.
Explore the field inspired by the real cities and archaeological sites such as London city, pyramids in Egypt and more to get to know the globe full of mysteries and wonders.
This is a traditional but new role-playing video game packed with various elements.

This is the first full-blown RPG published by TECMO (current Koei Tecmo Games), jointly developed with Red Entertainment and in collaboration with the exceptionally dignified creation team; Yoshiteru Tsujino (known for “Far East of Eden” series) for conceptual art and character design; Keita Amemiya (“Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny” and “Clock Tower 3”) for enemy design; Takuhito Kusanagi (“Blue Submarine No. 6” and “The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk”) for airships design; and T’s MUSIC for its BGM.


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