Hack and slash game to chop up evil spirits of mountains and rivers with your blade!
A masterpiece of Osamu Tezuka has been revived as an action adventure!
This is the beginning of a new chapter of Dororo.

The story is set in an era of constant war, when the country was under the reign of Dark Gods or demons that were living on people’s agonies and sorrows.

The main character named Hyakkimaru has had 48 parts of his body stolen by the demons when he was just an infant.
He was saved by a kind doctor and inventor who found and raised him by restoring Hyakkimaru’s missing body parts with weapon-like prostheses.

At the age of 18, Hyakkimaru heard a voice from the heavens, who told him that Hyakkimaru could get back what was stolen from him if he killed the 48 demons.
Each time he slays a demon, one part of his body stolen will be regained.

Through cooperation with a boy named Dororo who guides Hyakkimaru, and slashing down fiends and lemures assaulting one after another, embark on a tremendous adventures to find and defeat all the 48 demons.

A manga titled Dororo created by the world-famous Japanese cartoonist Osamu Tezuka has been revived as a game software for PlayStation2!

The characters are boldly redesigned by Hiroaki Samura, known for the manga “Mugen-no juunin,” to adapt this monumental work for a 3D game. Against more than 100 evil spirits of mountains and rivers, experience an intense blade action that will exceed your expectations!


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