Evil King Drool puts the Dinosaur Kingdom in danger! To restore peace in the kingdom, Bonk runs around the primitive world and battles with enemies with his indestructible hard head.
Now, forget the theory of evolution and get into this comical action game set in primitive age!

This is a funny, ridiculous action game that is set in the Dinosaur Kingdom.
Bonk, a 1.5-heads-high boy embarks on a great adventure with his head-butt alone to beat the evil King Drool who appeared in the Dinosaur Kingdom all of a sudden.
This 2D side scrolling platform game is one of the early masterpieces for the TurboGrafx-16 console.

Bonk’s fighting method is head butting only, with his invincible hard head.
Defeat the enemies coming at you one after another and clear the stages by a simple operation of just scrolling and attacking.
Make the primitive age your stage and rescue Princess Za who has been kidnapped!!
And don’t miss the changeable and comical facial expressions of Bonk!

The title was favorably received overseas and several software for TurboGrafx-16 console were released; “Bonk’s Adventure” in 1989 and “Bonk’s Revenge” in 1991.

Spin-off titles such as “Air Zonk” and “Super Air Zonk Rockabilly-Paradise” were also created.
It is currently available through Wii and Wii U virtual consoles, and on the PlayStation Store (as of August 2015).


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