BIRUSHANA Rising Flower of Genpei

A new Genpei battle now begins.

The year is 1175, the year of the Heian Period.
Fifteen years had passed since the Heiji Rebellion, which divided the fate of the Heike and Minamoto clans.
The Heike, who had reached the height of their prosperity, were enjoying the springtime of this world, while the defeated Minamoto clan was in the midst of their downfall.

Shanaoh, a sergeant of the Minamoto clan, barely survived and was sent to Kurama, deep in the mountains.
Shanaoh was brought up with the expectation of overthrowing the Heike clan, but he had a reason for not being able to live up to it.

–He is not a man, but a woman.

One night under a full moon.
Shanaoh and his childhood friend Shungen, who are both in training, are challenged by Taira no Noritsune, who is said to be the fiercest general of the Heike clan, to a battle to capture Musashibo Benkei, a monk who is causing a commotion in the capital.

Shanaoh, who throws himself into the battle against the Heike, chooses the path of love or the path of Shura.

◆Birushana Senki: Ichiju no Kaze
A new wind brings with it a future yet to be seen…
This fan disc includes a sequel scenario depicting what happened after the two were united in “Rising Flower of Genpei” and the regular routes of the sub-characters.
What is the new path that Shanaoh follows?

Otomate x Red Entertainment presents a romance adventure game for women exclusively for Nintendo Switch.
The game is directed by Ai Ito and features Koji Haneda as the main character designer,
This historical fantasy game dramatically depicts the strange fate and love story of a girl who threw herself into the Genpei War.


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