In Teito, Paris and New York,
there were secret corps established to protect the peace of each city.

The battle of young girls now begins.

The story is set in the 12th year of fictional Taishō period ―
In the city of Imperial Capital Tokyo, the streets were lined with modern buildings influenced by the mixture of Western and Japanese cultures, and its citizens were developing an advanced civilization.
Meanwhile, the city had an other side as a fantasy city where monsters and magic really existed, and the need was increasing for an organization capable of handling special missions beyond army’s control, citizens’ life-saving duty, as well as protecting the capital from monstrous creatures. For this purpose, a corps was launched directly under the government, independent from army troops. Its name was the Flower Division of Imperial Assault Force or “Teigeki,” an imperial army’s counter-demon team.
Those who were assembled were the young girls working undercover as actors performing theatrical plays in the daytime at the Grand Imperial Theater.
One day, a young lieutenant has been transferred to Teigeki, which was the beginning of the story.

Created by Ouji Hiroi    Scenario by Satoru Akahori   Character design by Kosuke Fujishima   Music by Kohei Tanaka   Produced by SEGA 

This is a title generated by the leading creators representing their respective fields.

The original Sakura Taisen released on September 27, 1996 in Japan was then followed by five sequels until Sakura Taisen V and other spin-off titles, and the series sold over 4.5 million units in total. The series has also expanded into various other media including CDs, theatrical plays, animation and much more.


  • 1996 CESA AWARDS’ 96 -Grand Prize
  • 1997 Game of the Year -Second Prize


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