Scared Rider Xechs

Is that an order to LOVE or to DIE ―?

This is the first otome game released by Red Entertainment, a game/animation company known for "Sakura Wars."
Merging a power rangers drama and love adventure element into one, this is a story about an ultimate shape of love and death, woven by a novel setting and a spectacular storyline.

The world was being invaded by Nightfly O’Note, the alien life forms sent from the Red World, and a red boundary (Scar Red).
To counter this threat, human being established LAG, a planetary defense organization, and formed squadron called Scared Riders to fight against the aggression, only to result in the repeated defeat.
Now, the sixth military unit has been formed under the name of Scared Rider Xechs. But at the same timing, the invasion has been somehow halted.

That was when a young woman was sent to assume the position of instructor and commander of LAG. Coinciding with this assignment, the invasion from the Red World resumes. Riders who are committed to an existential war for human being, and a girl who command them.
Is the song echoing in a world without God about a story of love or..?

A deep worldview and magnificent story are composed by Dai Sato, one of the popular scriptwriters who wrote “Eden of the East,” and the characters are designed by pako.

Quiet life shown in its opening suddenly turns to a fierce battle.
A very serious story line you have never seen in an otome game now unfolds before your eyes!

A software for PlayStation2 and its conversion for PlayStation Portable, as well as a conversion for PlayStation Vita “Scared Rider Xechs Rev.” are available.


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