hyakkahyakuro sengokuninpocho

Flowers falling in the wind of transience――
The saddest battle in this world now begins

In the war-torn era, the ninjas evolved separately into two parties, Iga and Koga.

The two parties have been adversarial for years, hating each other, but one day an end has been brought to this relationship.
In 1581, a military commander Nobunaga Oda subdued a riot in Iga region, so-called “Tensho-Iga War.”
The Iga party perished in this battle and those who survived were then taken up by the Koga party.

17 years later, under the shogunate of Hideyoshi Toyotomi who unified the country, people were enjoying the peace after a long turbulent period.

The leader of Koga party Ueno Kando’s daughter, Enju (main character) has been training herself in ninja skills every day to take a task as a full-fledged ninja some day.
And on her long-awaited first mission, a serious event happens that is going to twist the fate of Enju and her native place ――

This is a romance adventure game for PlayStation Vita console published by D3P Otome-bu that handles a variety of otome games, and Red Entertainment, an acknowledged game developer for its  fascinating and deep scenarios.

Featuring Teita, a popular illustrator for its character design and original drawing, the game depicts the ways of life and romance of ninjas that lived  to their fullest in the turbulent age.


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