Smash everything in your sight, Grave.
What a mysterious girl brought to him on a cold, snowy night were a pair of massive handguns and the past he had been trying to bury.
With the girl's visit as a trigger, Grave throws himself into a tremendous battle.

“Beyond the Grave,” the solitary assassin ー he is the Reaper who brings death to anyone who is in his sight. The moment he took up a pair of guns named Cerberus, brought by a girl Mika Asagi, meant a launch of war.

With the guardian dogs of underworld, Cerberus, in his hands, and a huge coffin, a symbol of destruction, on his back, he puts up a fight alone against a colossal syndicate, to sweep all his enemies with his guns and coffin, leaving behind rubbles and heap of corpses. What is driving him into this battle?

Shoot a billion bullets! A Hong Kong-movie-like fierce gun action you can create just by battering a button! Shoot enemies, walls, cars and everything in your sight! They all are the targets that must be destroyed!

Creation and character design by Yasuhiro Nightow    Mechanical design by Kōsuke Fujishima and Noriyuki Jinguji    Music by Tsuneo Imahori

The series consist of two software titles for PlayStation2; GUNGRAVE released in 2002 and GUNGRAVE O.D. in 2004.

Following the favorable reception in Japan, the first title was released overseas including North America, Europe, China and Korea.

Gungrave for TV animation was also created.


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